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What we do.

We offer coaching and programs for people who are looking to improve their overall health, by creating a sustainable lifestyle that works for them.

We recognize that each individual is just that, an individual. Whichever program works best for you, the main focus is the same, what works for the client.

By naturally healing your body, you are able to lose weight, and increase your health, and feel fantastic. With education, coaching, and science we have great success and a lot of fun when doing it.

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20/30 FastTrack began in the USA, and was brought to Canada by Davies and Dunham Wellness. We are proud to be the second location in Canada located in Orangeville, Ontario. Kelan Smith, and Marjie Richardson made the move after experiencing first hand the benefits of the program. They packed up their family, and moved across the country to bring this amazing program to Orangeville, and the greater Toronto area.


We want you to eat real food, and be able to eat anywhere you are in any situation.  The only way you can keep weight off, eliminate acid reflux, and reduce your  blood pressure is to be able to sustain your habits everywhere. Learning what is specifically good or not good for your body is the key to success. This makes any grocery store, restaurant, and special event easy to go too instead of intimidating.

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"I stopped thinking about what I couldn't eat, but of all the amazing foods I can"

— 20/30 Lloydminster member