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What is 20/30 Fast Track?

20/30 Fast Track is a 30 day system that not only gives you a jump start on weight loss but will bring your hormones levels to a base line. This puts you in a high health state. When you are not adding stressors on the body it allows you lose weight quickly & safely.

In the 30 days members typically lose 10% of their body weight, come off blood pressure medication, eliminated acid reflux, stabilized energy, and even focus better with more mental clarity.

Everyone is different, and at 20/30 Orangeville we recognize that. With all kinds of new diets coming up daily we want to take a step back and figure out what works for your specifically. This means that although kale may be the newest super food, it doesn’t mean that your body loves it they way you want it too.

We focus on creating a sustainable lifestyle, which means no pre-packed meals, or shakes. You continue to shop at your favourite grocery store, and even dine out! As you go through the 30 day program you will recognize your ‘triggers’ and what is holding you back from losing those pounds.

The most important part of the 20/30 Fast Track program is life style success. We could give you the structured eating plan, vitamins, and homeopathic, but when you take the time to learn, grow, and replace the old habits, that’s what creates the sustainable lifestyle.

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20/30 FastTrack began in the USA, and was brought to Canada by Davies and Dunham Wellness. We are proud to be the second location in Canada located in Orangeville, Ontario. Kelan Smith, and Marjie Richardson made the move after experiencing first hand the benefits of the program. They packed up their family, and moved across the country to bring this amazing program to Orangeville, and the greater Toronto area.


We want you to eat real food, and be able to eat anywhere you are in any situation.  The only way you can keep weight off, eliminate acid reflux, and reduce your  blood pressure is to be able to sustain your habits everywhere. Learning what is specifically good or not good for your body is the key to success. This makes any grocery store, restaurant, and special event easy to go too instead of intimidating.

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"I stopped thinking about what I couldn't eat, but of all the amazing foods I can"

— 20/30 Lloydminster member